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About Us

We care about ingredients and quality! Like many of you, we only want to use products that contain high-quality ingredients and we strive for organic when it’s available. 

For many years, we have used this laser focus to create an amazing skincare product line. 

Now we are excited to announce our life enhancing organic gardening business called Curativa Organics!

Diverse products

We are constantly seeking new and exciting seed options and home gardening products for you to choose from.

Delivery on time

On weekdays we ship as we receive orders. Any orders received over the weekend are shipped out the following Monday.

Always fresh

All of our products are of the highest quality and are thoroughly evaluated before being made available for purchase.

Wide greenery choice

We will continue to expand the variety of available seeds and gardening products to ensure you always have access to the best.

Bring Quality

Organic solutions to your dinner table with:

Nutritious food that is free of toxins is the key to longevity and vitality. By growing your own produce you will have control over what is in your food and can ensure it is free of harmful substances.

Our product line is being developed and managed by an expert organic gardener with over 20 years of experience! She’s also knowledgeable in the culinary arts and will be able to provide valuable input on the best ways to slice, dice, and cook your home grown bounty.